IP Covergence


Territory & Strategic Partners

Territory Partners

Partnering with IP Convergence enables our territory partners amazing product offerings, great margins and reoccurring revenue. Partners have the ability to sell our products and not add technical personnel allowing IP Convergence engineers to be their service branch or each partner can build expertise internally. Our partner program provides territory ownership and protects each partner in that region. We want long term relationships and long term growth for our partners. For more information please contact us at: partners@ipcnv.com.

Territory Partner Program Overview

Strategic Partners

Ruckus Wireless Networking is the leading and best performing wireless manufacturer today. IP Convergence selected Ruckus for their superior throughput and QoS mechanism with our VOIP product. IP Convergence can provide (VoWifi) VOIP Over Wireless using Ruckus Wireless Networks. Visit Ruckus at their website. www.ruckuswireless.com

Zoiper provides industry leading SIP soft client for smart phones, tablets and desktop operating systems. Zoiper also provide military encryption so SIP end devices can securely communicate over 802.11 and cellular data networks. IP Convergence selected Zoiper for application capabilities and stability. Visit Zoiper at their website.

Grandstream provides the industries only SIP endpoint IP camera. This allows security personnel, internal employees the ability to call the IP camera and view, talk or listen to the SIP video stream from the Grandstream IP camera. IP Convergence selected Grandstream for its innovation and excellent product manufacturing. Visit Grandstream at their website.