IP Covergence


Data Security

Product Overview

Data threats happen every minute and if your network is not protected properly all of your proprietary, customer and R&D data is at risk. Security is not something that you set and forget, it is a 24/7 monitoring process that has to be taken seriously. Allow our experts to secure your connection to the outside world.


Security Devices

Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention, Content & URL Filtering, SPAM Protection all work in conjunction to provide the most comprehensive suite of products to protect your network. IP Convergence has extensive experience in all of these devices. Real expertise to protect your online presence..


Security Audits

Auditing your network should be a bi-annual to annual process to validate your security implementations. Vulnerabilities are discovered daily and if only one is available it could be devastating to your financial and business reputation. Let IP Convergence provide peace of mind your network is secure.