IP Covergence


Network Environmental Monitoring

Product Overview

Envirotrack provides network device and link monitoring with remote notification suport via SMS text messages or email account. 24 by 7 monitoring provides you with the ability to know when your resources are offline. Envirotrack also gives you the ability to monitor environmental conditions as well. Monitor temperature, water breaks, power loss and door contact of your server room and server cabinets. Real time monitoring gives you total awareness all the time of your network


Wired Device Monitoring

Devices can be deployed onto your network leveraging the existing IP infrastructure to provide monitoring of your systems. Real time up to the second conditions of devices and instant alerts.


Wireless/Cellular Monitoring

Another option for monitoring your network is to leverage the cellular network for alerts and notifications. Same features as wired monitoring except no device use customers network just the local service provider to move data to the server and SMS and email notifications.