IP Covergence


Decreased Ongoing Costs

Minimize Your Voice Expenditures

The VoxIP system is LINUX hardened for the telephony services inside the operating system. This provides you the most performance, stability and reliability as only software that is needed is engineered on the system. No bloat code just the necessary code needed to provide you the best VOIP system on the market.


Piece Meal or Contractual Services

Our product provides the most stable platform on the market. Also, with a web management interface accessing and managing the VoxIP system could not be easier. If you want direct support from the manufacturer you can open support tickets for single issues, purchase a block of time or even an annual contract where we handle everything. Customize your support we are flexible.


Quick Response

Our technical support provides instant support when you have an issue. Our call center is in Texas run and staffed by Texans. No oversea support just people who care and respect being your manufacturer. We have remote capabilities to on-site services to correct quickly any issues you have. We know that maximum uptime for your voice communications is required. We have many options for supporting your companies needs.