IP Covergence


802.11 VOIP Wireless Networking

Product Overview

Today everything is using wireless networking. Issues from density, coverage, frequency interference are just a few of the problems facing wireless network administrators. IP Convergence can design, install and maintain a VOIP wireless network environment. From hosted to on-premise IP Convergence can assure you that your VOIP Service is performing at its peak efficiency while ensuring security is being enforced to your corporate standards.

ruckus wireless

Ruckus Wireless Networking

IP Convergence deploys Ruckus Wireless products for indoor and outdoor 802.11 wireless networks. Ruckus wireless provides the most coverage and highest density count of any manufacturer in the market. Ruckus is VoxIP certified partner for VoWifi services.

wireless site survey

Site Surveys

If you want your wireless to support VOIP plus high throughput, dense connections, BYOD or one to one wireless environment you must get it right the first time. A site survey is the only way to properly design and verify your location. From rouge discovery, radiation heat coverage to existing signal interference a site survey has to be completed first. Let our engineering expertise provide a solution for you.