IP Covergence


Data Security Services

Product Overview

IP Convergence has the expertise to support your network and grow it as your business grows. From Local Area Networking performance to Wide Area Network connectivity IP Convergence is your one partner for your corporate network. Our troubleshooting services also provide your business quick identification to diagnose and implement solutions to maintain maximum uptime in your environment.


Firewall & Instrusion Prevention Services

Monitoring your security is a real-time process that provides the protection of your corporate data and reputation. IP Convergence provides services that evaluates your security state in real-time to stop threats as they happen. IP Convergence has over 14 years of expertise to provide the security implementation your company needs.


Security Audits

Your security practices are being tested daily and to ensure your polices and procedures are effective a security audit is necessary. Companies that are serious have their corporate networks tested bi-annually. IP Convergence can provide you with exhaustive auditing services to test your network.