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Wireless Support Services

Product Overview

IP Convergence has deployed wireless network environments with over 2000 access points to small office environments. IP Convergence can provide design and audit services for brand new installations to troubleshooting weak coverage areas. Allow for our engineering expertise to design, install and maintain your wireless network environment.

Wireless Services

Ruckus Wireless Big Dog Partner

IP Convergence is a certified Ruckus Big Dog partner. This designation verifies that IP Convergence has attained the level of expertise as certified by Ruckus to ensure your wireless network will be designed, installed and maintained as the manufacturer recommends.

Wireless Services

Wireless Services & Site Surveys

IP Convergence provides wireless networking services for any manufacturer to troubleshoot signal issues and connectivity. New devices come online daily and it is necessary to verify that your environment will not have frequency contention, poor signal coverage, security and even support for the number of clients in your wireless environment. IP Convergence can perform site surveys for new and existing environments. IP Convergence has the expertise to make your wireless networks perform at its peak capabilities.