Six months Free Telephone service with Purchase of New Telephone System

You can get 6 months of free telephone service from our partner carrier 

IPC Telecom. This will provide you local and long distance service anyway in the US and Canada. You can keep your existing numbers or get new ones plus a 800 number at no additional cost.

Telephone System

Onsite equipment for incoming and outgoing telephone calls. System can support up to 5000 extensions but works great for small business as well.

Auto Attendants/IVRs

Need to answer incoming calls our system provides that ability and play specific time of day messages for your customers. 

Group Calling

We can ring groups of telephones or even queue calls up for customer service departments. Calls can be sent to any internal or external phone.

System Capabilities

Block incoming sales calls, host conferences, call announcements services the system has many more features to customize to your business.

Record All Calls

If you need to document your conversations the system can record any direction call or all calls for easy playback.

Support for Legacy Services

If you want to keep your legacy POTS, PRI services you can add our services to extend calling capabilities.


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